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Advanced electronic signatures with FREE inclusive identity checks

We are pleased to offer our customers the ability to send, sign, witness & exchange documents online and obtain a regulatory ID document check at no extra cost.

With identity fraud on the increase and with more demand from regulators for businesses to carry out more stringent client ID checks, we've fully integrated our SmartCheck–3D liveness and ID verification function into our eSignature and eWitnessing applications to provide an "All-in-One" digital onboarding solution.

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Enhance your client onboarding journey with additional dynamic, secure and convenient applications

Mobile Friendly Fillable Forms

Convert Word or PDF documents into HTML dynamic SmartForms which allow end users to complete and send documents on the go using any Smart phone.

Encrypted Bulk Mail Exchange

Use SmartMail for a secure, receipted email exchange that cannot be intercepted, offering end to end encryption and giving you a full audit report, logging each action taken.

Open Banking Payments on Account

With our SmartPay application, your clients can securely make payments directly into your account during or after the onboarding journey. We are regulated by the FCA.

Secure CMS/DMS Data Transfer

Our SmartLink RESTful-API allows third party data to be securely transferred and, if required, automatcially set–up as a "case ready" matter on your DMS.

Benefit further from our supplementary document signing features

eSignature Sequencing

Take control of your multi-party signing processes and schedule the order in which each individual has access to complete, sign and exchange documents.

Third Party Link & Share

Invite professionals, agents or intermediaries to view, share and oversee joint party signing & witnessing of the exchange and completion of important legal documents.

Deed Sign & Seal

With the legal ability to electronically sign contracts & deeds, you can now digitally add corporate seals to your documents whenever it is required.

Virtual Witnessing & Live Sign

Now you can digitally initiate and control real-time witnessing of signatures (electronic or wet) to documents, deeds or wills as permitted under approved national & international legislation.

Name Check & OTP Authentication

Linking and authenticating individuals connected to any transaction is crucial and that’s why our name check & one-time, six-digit passcode (OTP) system is always available.

Sign-off Authority

With an increase in multi-document and multi-signer transactions, our sign-off authority feature allows nominated users to cross check, date, exchange and finalise matters as required.

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