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VirtualSignature incorporates all the required technology to accommodate diligent controls over the document signing and ID verification process.

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Law firms are turning to new digital onboarding solutions

To remain competitive, many legal firms are looking to update and automate their systems, with a view to speeding up workflow and contract closure, increasing client engagement and reducing costs.

We offer a secure, cloud based platform which enables your law firm to sign and execute documents remotely, apply your corporate seal, check clients' ID (in real-time) and convert existing Word or PDF forms to an HTML version which can be completed and submitted from any internet enabled device. It also incorporates i-messaging, which keeps your clients regularly informed of the status of their case.

Case Study

The issue

A Somerset law firm that specialises in all types of personal injury claims throughout the UK and advertises on national TV were receiving high volume customer calls handled by a third-party call centre, whereby customer data was captured and e-mailed to the case handlers. Once this data was received it was re-keyed into their case management system. The process was time consuming, repetitive, and prone to errors which often resulted in long delays contacting and obtaining necessary information from the customer, sometimes leading to a loss of business.

The solution

The claims firm realised that by deploying our SmartLink application to digitally engage and interact with the agent, customer and client, the customer data could now be checked and instantly reconfirmed for accuracy. In addition, HTML SmartForms could automatically be delivered for customer completion whenever necessary. Once this process was complete, clean & valid customer data could be returned directly to their case management system (CRM) resulting in an increased volume of client uptake.

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