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KYC & AML checks & fast client onboarding​

VirtualSignature digital engagement applications provide the speed and simplicity that help increase contract closures and enable businesses to complete client authentication and identity verification online in a matter of minutes.

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Responding to the move to go digital and reduce risk

As more responsibility falls on accountants' and financial service providers' shoulders for completing AML and KYC checks and with the Government urging organisations to automate workflow and introduce secure ways of obtaining and submitting client information, it's more important than ever to find a suitable and reliable tool to do this safely.

Our applications can be easily integrated into existing company CRMs or web-based platforms, making it easier for your clients to receive interactive documents, and complete, sign and return them instantly.

Case Study

The issue

A multi branch accountancy firm in the South of England were in need of a solution for their client engagement and Companies House forms which would allow the use of their various trading names and have the ability to be submitted online. Another requirement was the option to have multiple signatures on one document for internal partner sign-off.

The solution

Unlike other providers, our SmartSign application allows clients to use several brand names and will accommodate up to 20 signatures on one transaction. This improved workflow and minimised delays.

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