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money laundering with bank notes placed inside a washing machine

Navigating AML Compliance: Latest Insights for UK Conveyancers

In the ever-evolving landscape of legal requirements, Anti-Money Laundering (AML) compliance stands as a cornerstone...

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Smiling professional woman carrying out a KYC check with a new customer

Are face to face Know Your Customer (KYC) checks becoming a thing of the past?

Before work can be started on any legal or high-risk financial matter, professional services firms need to complete...

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Male lawyer holding a calculator discussing with a colleague how to reduce conveyancing fees

Revolutionising Conveyancing: How Technology is Reshaping Fees in the UK

In the dynamic landscape of the UK property market, conveyancers play a pivotal role in facilitating...

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A team of Conveyancers Discussing Leasehold Reforms

Leasehold Reforms: Preparing for new changes in 2024

Leasehold reform expected this year should reap benefits for a sizeable number of householders...

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lawyer searching keyword of 2024 technology trends

Our Top 5 Technology Trends That Will Shape Conveyancing in 2024

The conveyancing sector has been undergoing a digital transformation in recent years, accelerated by the pandemic...

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Model house paperweight and keys on an approved mortgage application fast tracked using technology

How technology will change the mortgage industry in 2024

Today's first-time buyers may be forgiven for thinking that mortgage applications and conveyancing processes are archaic and slow.

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Female lawyer experiencing burnout and stress

How technology can help reduce burnout in the legal profession

According to Lawcare, the mental wellbeing charity for the legal community, there has been a recent increase of 24% in people contacting them for support.

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Accountant streamlining his PEPs and sanction checks  using a mobile phone application

Streamlining PEPs and sanctions checks globally

For accountancy firms, dealing with Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and sanctions checks could be familiar territory.

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Legal professional using API integration to help with his case management and practice management system

How can we use VirtualSignature-ID with our case or practice management software?

VirtualSignature-ID has partnered with some of the leading case and practice management software specialists...

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A magnifying glass over the words brand highlighting  the benefits of a company branded onboarding system

The power behind a firm-branded client onboarding system

Crafting a firm-branded client onboarding system can unlock a wealth of benefits for your firm, including...

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Call centre staff for law and accountancy firms using automated client onboarding

Accelerating client onboarding and closing business with automation

Finding the smartest, most efficient ways to meet client expectations and drive growth are constant challenges for law and accountancy firms...

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Wooden block letters highlighting the importance of AML checks for lawyers and accountants

The Importance of AML checks for professional services firms: Lawyers and Accountants

Robust Anti Money Laundering (AML) measures have become an increasingly important part of financial transactions that can now occur...

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Data from a digital forensic trail to help reduce identity fraud in high value transactions

How a digital forensic trail can help reduce fraud when completing high value transactions

With the increased sophistication in fraudulent practices and especially with high value transactions, it is even more important to not...

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A lawyer holding a digital website icon representing the single tech provider he uses for client onboarding checks

The benefits of using one provider for client onboarding checks

When searching for the best software for completing client onboarding checks, it can be challenging to find one platform that can assist...

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A hand holding a passport and mobile phone for an ID check using a qualified e-signature application

Why upgrading and leveraging Qualified eSignatures for seamless integration and automation is being widely adopted in the UK

Although the use of e-signatures has been around for some time now, the move to the superior level Qualified Electronic Signatures (QES) is now...

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Male lawyer and female accountant checking the latest rules on e-witnessing on their  smartphones

eWitnessing: The Rules

The Electronic Communications Act 2000 made it legally possible to use electronic signatures to authenticate contracts and other documents and agreements...

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Male lawyer signing a qualified e signature on an ipad

Qualified e–signature exchange: What it is and why it matters

At the very most basic level, a signature is a method of recording the agreement of a particular individual to the content of a document in a way that is...

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Legal professionals holding brightly coloured cogs representing the benefits of an all in one client onboarding platform

The advantages of having a single platform for all your client onboarding needs

When considering deploying a single platform for all their client onboarding requirements and checks, many legal firms, including those with high volume...

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Keyboard with a post-it note on top with the words Identity fraud

6 Tips For Reducing Identity Fraud with the Right Technology

With identity fraud rapidly rising, it is more important than ever to ensure that your clients are who they claim to be. In this article...

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Conveyancer using e-signature and ID validation technology on his desktop

Why combining regulated eSignature and ID validation technology with document workflow automation on a single platform makes profitable sense for conveyancers.

The drive towards digital in conveyancing has led to the adoption of an array of point solutions for key parts of the conveyancing process...

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Female professional working for a local authority discarding paper deeds in the air out of frustration

How VirtualSignature is helping local authorities speed up deed sealing

With its remote working technology, VirtualSignature has been helping...

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A HR and recruitment team discussing faster employee onboarding

Why faster employee onboarding is critical to your business growth strategy

Transforming your employee onboarding processes – now is the right time...

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Model house paperweight on an unsigned mortgage contract due to delays in the conveyancing process

Reducing conveyance delays whilst remaining compliant

Following on from the news that HM Land Registry have accepted the legitimacy of electronic signatures ...

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Man signing an electronic signature using his digital pen on a tablet

Electronic vs Digital – What's the difference?

Like any technological advance, the world of electronic signatures has its own own terminology and...

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Male lawyer holding his head in frustration in choosing the right  e-signature provider

Choosing the right e-signature provider

Future planning is an integral part of any business strategy and many firms are reassessing how they can...

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