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The advantages of having a single platform for all your client onboarding needs

When considering deploying a single platform for all their client onboarding requirements and checks, many legal firms, including those with high volume...

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6 Tips For Reducing Identity Fraud with the Right Technology

With identity fraud rapidly rising, it is more important than ever to ensure that your clients are who they claim to be. In this article...

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Why combining regulated eSignature and ID validation technology with document workflow automation on a single platform makes profitable sense for conveyancers.

The drive towards digital in conveyancing has led to the adoption of an array of point solutions for key parts of the conveyancing process...

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How VirtualSignature is helping local authorities speed up deed sealing

With its remote working technology, VirtualSignature has been helping...

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Why faster employee onboarding is critical to your business growth strategy

Transforming your employee onboarding processes – now is the right time...

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Reducing conveyance delays whilst remaining compliant

Following on from the news that HM Land Registry have accepted the legitimacy of electronic signatures ...

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Electronic vs Digital – What's the difference?

Like any technological advance, the world of electronic signatures has its own own terminology and...

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Choosing the right e-signature provider

Future planning is an integral part of any business strategy and many firms are reassessing how they can...

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How digital technology can help with the witnessing of wills

However morbid and depressing the idea of writing a will may be, it is an essential part of modern life. In the...

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facical recognition

Real-time face identity and liveness recognition

As the market leading digital onboarding specialists we understand how important security is; our range of client...

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SiNERIX and the New Normal

As each week passes we get closer and closer to a relaxing of the COVID-19 lock down...

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SiNERIX and returning to work

The lockdown looks as though it could be easing up in the UK over the next 6-8...

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Digital Transformations during the Pandemic

They say necessity is the mother of invention; and never have we seen this better demonstrated than...

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SiNERIX and the Recruitment Sector

The outbreak of Coronavirus COVID-19 and subsequent lockdown has hit our society hard; we are kept apart...

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Beating COVID-19 with SiNERIX

In the wake of our attendance at the British Legal Technology Forum 2020 on 10th March we have been inundated...

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Legal Technology and SiNERIX

We often talk about the various industries which utilise our Digital Engagement Cloud. Last month we took a...

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Why banks should use digital verification

Banking is an industry in which it is important to optimise the use of cutting edge technology...

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Why e–signatures are a "must–have"

It's no secret that here at SiNERIX we are obsessed with 'the curve' and more specifically, staying...

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The 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive

In our business, it is important to keep up with the latest news and updates in technology,...

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