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SmartSign – eWitnessing

Qualify signatures, certify and witness documents in minutes

With the ability to identify, authenticate and qualify eSignatures through our SmartSign–Plus and SmartCheck–ID applications, getting documents and deeds witnessed electronically can now be achieved quickly and, in many cases, without the need for a physical third-party being present.

As part of a drive by Government and regulatory organisations to promote the use of fully integrated remote working digital identity and electronic signature technology, we are proud to be one of the first to deliver such an application.

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Electronic witnessing of contracts, documents and deeds is a faster, convenient and easier way to get business done

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As an eIDAS compliant UK Government approved Identity Service Provider (IDSP), VirtualSignature–ID, is the affordable regulated technology provider that can truly identify and certify who is behind the signature and automatically witness documents and deeds remotely.

Maximise business, Minimise Risk

By removing the need for a physical witness to be present during the signing process, you can get deeds signed and witnessed faster and more securely, using digital methods to verify, identify and locate the signer with 100% accuracy complying with HMLR "Safe Harbour" standards set out in Practice Guide 82. Practice guide 82: electronic signatures accepted by HM Land Registry – GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

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