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Logistics and medical sign offs

If you have a need to securely sign off reports and prescriptions or keep track of equipment, medicines or hazardous materials, our applications provide the solution

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Health authorities and logistics providers are responding to the need for automation

In a drive to save costs and become more efficient they are using the VirtualSignature suite of tools.

Medical professionals can sign off reports, patient records and prescriptions remotely, without the need to leave the office. Staff can be onboarded quickly and easily using SmartCheck ID verification and purchase orders can be authorised without delay.

Logistics companies can track high value or controlled hazardous substances during transportation where the identity of the recipient can be authenticated and confirmed.

Case Study

The issue

A global logistics client which oversees the movement of controlled chemicals and sensitive materials were looking for a solution to identify and authenticate personnel involved with signing off the disposal of potentially harmful waste material, so that it could be disposed of safely and legally.

The solution

Our SmartCheck application provided the solution as it enabled the client to identify the logistics operators by using facial recognition with ID document scan, as well as confirm their exact location, allowing the whole process to be audited electronically and certified.

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