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Regulated onboarding, AML ID verification & automated risk alerts for professionals

As leading digital onboarding specialists, we've developed a wide range of remote working applications that allow documents to be electronically signed, identity checked & eSignature validated faster and more securely, whilst reducing risk.

  • Built around ICO/eIDAS/UKAS Regulations
  • Complies with HLMR Safe Harbour Standards
  • Approved by Local Government Authorities
  • ISO 30107-3 Presenter Attack Detection

Do you really know who's behind the signature?

For many regulated and compliance led businesses, knowing who your client is really does matter and that's why all of our customers now have the ability to quickly link, identify & verify the signer's identity instantly and on demand.

With our regulatory NFC (Near Field Communication) based eSignature validation, Identity and 3D liveness technology, we deliver everything needed to ensure that the person signing is who they say they are.

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All of your SmartOnboarding tools
in one place

With our advanced digital document signing, identity & eSignature validation solutions, we provide our customers with greater flexibility to automate their everyday client onboarding workflows and complete transactions online, faster.


Client authentication, pre–qualification and data transfer.

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eSignature exchange with virtual witnessing and deed sign & seal.

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Interactive & dynamic fillable forms with automated delivery.

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Identity verification with real-time liveness technology.

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Implement RESTful API and integrated services to your platform

With our range of feature rich and –ready to go– interface connectors you can fully automate your document workflow processes quickly and with little or no cost.

Accelerate customer, employee & supplier engagement and complete transactions online faster.

Our eSignature & digital onboarding applications make it easier for you to automate your everyday document workflow and engage with clients faster, making it a more convenient way to get sensitive and time critical documents signed, sealed and returned in a fraction of the usual time.


Legal &

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financial services

Financial Services
& Accountancy

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HR &

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estate agents

Estate &
Lettings Agents

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Health care &

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local authorities

Local Government

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Advanced document management tools
that allow you to do more


eSignature Sequencing

Take control of your multi-party signing processes and schedule the order in which each individual has access to complete, sign and exchange documents.
third party

Third Party Link & Share

Invite professionals, agents or intermediaries to view, share and oversee joint party signing & witnessing of the exchange and completion of important legal documents.

Deed Sign & Seal

With the legal ability to electronically sign contracts & deeds, you can now digitally add corporate seals to your documents whenever it is required.

Virtual Witnessing & Live Sign

Now you can digitally initiate and control real-time witnessing of signatures (electronic or wet) to documents, deeds or wills as permitted under approved national & international legislation.

Name Check & OTP Authentication

Linking and authenticating individuals connected to any transaction is crucial and that’s why our name check & one-time, six-digit passcode (OTP) system is always available.

Sign-off Authority

With an increase in multi-document and multi-signer transactions, our sign-off authority feature allows nominated users to cross check, date, exchange and finalise matters as required.

Compliant, secure & trusted technology


GDPR Compliance

Protecting clients' personal data is our number one priority.

EIDAS Regulations

As a leading eSignature provider, our systems comply with all eIDAS regulations.

21 CFR Part II Compliance

The VirtualSignature authentication system supplies a unique time stamped geo-location audit.

PCI DSS Compliance

With strict payment processing requirements, we meet all the necessary security standards.

Qualified Certificate

Our qualified & trusted digital certificate guarantees data encryption 24/7.

Cyber Essentials Plus

Cyber security is an essential and crucial element that we implement across all platforms and services.

See what our clients are saying

  • SiNERIXVirtualSignature HTML SmartForms have helped us to greatly improve our sales contract and document signing process. Our customers and staff find their applications fast, easy and straightforward to use and whenever we want to add more dynamic documents and form to our library, the SiNERIX - VirtualSignature support team respond immediately. We are both delighted and impressed with their customer service.

    Nicole Hill - Sales Operations Manager

    Grey Matter

  • ADEC are delighted to partner with SiNERIXVirtualSignature who have added significant value to many of our reporting products, streamlining the process of authentication. Their technology has been straightforward to integrate into our platform and workflow and their team highly responsive. SiNERIXVirtualSignature has over–delivered.

    Ben Wilde - Managing Director

    ADEC Innovations

  • We turned to SiNERIXVirtualSignature to assist us in reducing our paper usage, streamline our processes and ultimately to provide our clients with a better end user experience.  We still have some way to go to fully realise the benefits of SiNERIXVirtualSignature, but already it's proving an invaluable tool to our business and one which is well received both by our staff and clients. The SiNERIXVirtualSignature team are a pleasure to deal with and have acted swiftly on our feedback in order to further enhance their offering.

    Alex Nicholson - Partner

    James Cowper Kreston

  • With over 1000 legal documents needing to be signed, sealed and executed annually SmartSign has proved invaluable to Bury MBC in securely speeding up processes whilst allowing the Authority to remain compliant. The team at VirtualSignature worked closely with us to rapidly develop a system tailored to our requirements and which we have found works very efficiently and is easy to use.

    Andy Carlile - Legal Practice Manager

    Bury MBC

  • We selected the VirtualSignature platform as it met our current needs. We also wanted to ensure that it would meet the requirements of the future, particularly as we move towards one single platform and provider fulfilling our client onboarding needs. VirtualSignature can clearly do this and we're looking forward to working with the team to deliver even more value back to our clients and business

    Susan Glenholme - Managing Partner

    Debenhams Ottaway

  • We have started using VirtualSignature in the wild now – having tested the product over a number of months with our various teams internally. It works like a dream and the integration into the iManage Document Management Solution is the key to making it slick and less time consuming than a non–integrated alternative. The fact that it is also cheaper to use than the big players in the market place always helps!

    Simon Brown - Partner

    MHA Tait Walker