Local Government Authorities

Sign, witness & execute deeds the Virtual way​

VirtualSignature user friendly digital engagement applications provide the speed and simplicity that help local authorities streamline their processes

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Councils are saving time, money and going green

More and more local authorities are updating their processes and embracing digital technology to make life easier for their residents and suppliers and provide them with a superior service for form filling and the signing and exchange of documents.

We provide a suite of options for e-signature and ID verification along with a secure deed signing tool that can be used with your authority's official seal.

Case Study

The issue

The difficulties of social distancing in the recent pandemic were what spurred this forward-thinking local authority in the North West to enquire about online signatures. Restrictive new measures meant they could no longer meet residents and housing applicants face to face and needed a reliable electronic signature platform to work remotely. The key was to implement a solution without delay and at a reasonable cost.

The solution

We were able to set them up with a free demonstration immediately and once it had been approved and the licence purchased, it took only a matter of minutes to activate. As a result, forms and documents can be signed using SmartSign and exchanged instantaneously and remotely, thereby speeding up their workflow and enabling them to continue to carry out vital services.

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