Advanced eSignature exchange and Virtual-Witnessing solution

With SmartSign you can securely send multiple documents for eSignature and get them witnessed with our Virtual-Witnessing AI technology. Recipients can view, sign and exchange from any internet enabled device making it the most convenient and efficient way to get agreements and contracts legally executed online.

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Documents signed, sealed and delivered in just a click

With the capability for twenty recipients to sign in any one transaction and the option for a corporate branded seal to be applied when executing deeds, SmartSign can transform the way you do business

Add our embedded eSignature block to your web journey and speed up customer onboarding

With the ability to quickly add SmartSign eSignature tools into your website and online services you can create a much faster and secure way of getting customer quotations, orders, invoices, direct debits and many other documents types completed, signed and exchanged in a fraction of the usual time.

Embedded SmartSign

Frequently asked questions

  • Are eSignatures legally accepted in law?

    A contract or agreement electronically signed and exchanged via the VirtualSignature portal may be admissible and used as evidence in a court of law. The latest eIDAS regulations (electronic signature laws within the UK and the European Union) relating to electronic identification and verification processes across EU member states, are strictly adhered to by VirtualSignature – SmartSign at all times. For more information go to: eIDAS Regulations

  • Can I send multiple documents?

    Up to 12 individual documents types can be sent to individuals for acceptance and eSignature.

  • How do eSignature Credits work?

    eSignature credits are purchased and used against each individual recipient that is party to any digital transaction.

  • How does SecureCode authentication work?

    VirtualSignature SecureCode authentication works by sending a unique code via SMS to the recipient phone which must then be entered in to the email login process for verification.

  • Can unused eSignature credits be rolled over?

    Yes. VirtualSignature allow their clients to keep any unused eSignature credits provided they continue subscribing and using the service.