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The advantages of having a single platform for all your client onboarding needs

When considering deploying a single platform for all their client onboarding requirements and checks, many legal firms, including those with high volume transactions, are actively switching to a more advanced, seamlessly integrated platform, rather than having to piece together several components from individual platform providers for every client or matter.

Some of the advantages of this approach include:

  • The ability to engage remotely and securely with clients through a firm branded user journey with an easy to use interface via any internet enabled device.
  • Combining all checks including ID Verification, AML, and Source of Funds with document completion and signing in one transaction, to achieve faster completions.
  • A reduction in fraud and the option to select the right standard of ID check for the appropriate level of risk on each transaction rather than one-size-fits-all. For example, the highest level of ID checks using NFC Chip ID Verification that are compliant with HMLR Safe Harbour standards for deed signing.
  • Secure Bank to Bank funds transfer can be made on the same platform.
  • The advantage of being able to link, share and collaborate with Third Parties for any transaction.
  • Saving software development costs by integrating with their existing portal or case and document management systems.
  • Custom workflows can be easily created, automating processes and again saving time and effort.
  • A reduction in re-keying errors and administration time by mapping data back into systems.
  • Encouragement of clients to act promptly with the use of adaptive SMS and email messaging.
  • Use of a free SmartForms library or custom form creation function enables clients to partially complete forms and finalise later when ready, without losing data.

VirtualSignature-ID is a UK based trusted provider that offers a complete range of Smart Onboarding tools that are modular by design, so firms can choose the applications they need or use the full end-to-end onboarding solution.

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