VirtualSignature announces integration to deliver seamless advanced eSignature capability for P4W users

In an eagerly awaited announcement, VirtualSignature today confirmed the availability of the integration of its SmartSign application with the P4W Practice Management System.

P4W user firms can, from today, take advantage of this integration which has been developed in collaboration with the integration and development specialists Xperate.

The SmartSign eSignature application is available now and will allow the issue of documents for eSignature from within the workflow of the P4W practice management systems, without the need to go out to another platform.

Engaging with P4W users, the desire to have a seamless experience for case workers to reduce admin time by not going out to other platforms or systems and to reduce the potential for errors has been considered and addressed through this deep integration.

Firms can brand communications received by their clients, providing assurance that the documents to be reviewed, signed and returned are from their legal advisers or firm. The ability to send fast SMS notifications to clients is another significant requirement of many firms and will continue to be a feature with the integration of other key applications developed by VirtualSignature.

The solution encompasses functionality and capability that is far superior to other available solutions in the market and at a more affordable price for firms using P4W.

David Kern, CEO of VirtualSignature, said, “Through this integration, P4W users will now have access to and benefit from one of the most advanced eSignature platform applications, specifically developed for professional firms. We are confident that it will deliver improved efficiency and savings to P4W users as they look to further automate their digital onboarding processes.”

He added, “The modular design of the range of Smart Onboarding applications means that firms can start small and expand as their needs grow or as they look to automate more parts of their onboarding process. The initial SmartSign integration can be built upon to include dynamic, responsive fillable SmartForms and SmartCheck iD–Validate, a remote working application designed to qualify electronic signatures and digitally confirm the identity of clients in seconds. It will also include Right to Work checks, AML (PEPs & Sanctions) and Source of Funds/Source of Wealth checks.”

As part of the announcement and launch of the SmartSign service, VirtualSignature is offering P4W users 25% free eSignatures if they register quoting code P4WJUL22 and purchase the integrated solution by 30th September 2022.

About VirtualSignature

VirtualSignature is a provider of Regulatory Technology that helps professional organisations automate their document and client onboarding workflows. Its SmartOnboarding platform, which incorporates SmartSignSmartForms & SmartCheck applications, leverages the latest AI, 3D facial recognition and NFC technologies and delivers a single platform that enables businesses to reduce risk of fraud by identifying and validating their clients with 100% accuracy and allowing them to sign and verify complex documents easily, remotely and quickly. Contact us to find out more

About Xperate

Xperate are a software development company specialising in working with legal technology companies and law firms. Our work spans developing integrations between different systems, developing bespoke solutions to solve particular challenges and providing teams of developers and consultants to work with clients on a longer term basis. We have expertise in most modern technology, as well as much of the specialist software used by UK law firms. Please contact us to find out more about how we might be able to help.