VirtualSignature-ID Helps Legal Claims and Finance Firms Secure More Business Online

VirtualSignature–ID, the leading UK eSignature and digital onboarding experts, have introduced a ground–breaking API tool for their clients. This tool empowers them to seamlessly integrate an HTML embedded “eSignature block” to any web-based document signing or customer onboarding process. The API driven eSignature block fully automates the delivery and exchange of signed sales contracts, forms or any other document or matter.

With an increasing number of legal and finance firms leveraging their websites for client acquisition and onboarding, this innovation comes at a crucial time. Particularly, legal claims firms managing high volumes of enquiries benefit significantly. Traditionally, the process entails clients inputting their personal details and claim or finance requirements into an online enquiry form on the firm’s website.

The process previously involved the firm receiving that data, manually checking it to pre-qualify the information, then setting up a case file and sending the client the relevant engagement forms to sign. With the VirtualSignature–ID eSignature block available for the firm to add to their customers’ web journey, the whole process can be carried out in minutes. The data added to the form by the end user can be automatically checked and fed back to an existing case or practice management system and the documents signed immediately, saving valuable time and minimising the risk of the client not completing all the necessary steps.

David Kern, CEO of VirtualSignature-ID, expressed enthusiasm about the new technology, stating “We pride ourselves in collaborating with our clients and saw the need to help some of them further automate their internal processes. With this solution, delivered at minimal cost, we help them accelerate customer onboarding and increase uptake.” He continued, “While initially tailored for large legal claims firms, this enhancement holds value for any business relying on its website for client acquisition, delivering a more streamlined experience for all stakeholders.”

VirtualSignature–ID is a UK Government approved Identity Service Provider and offers a range of solutions for the legal and accountancy sectors including identifiable eSignatures, ID verification, automated forms and workflows, all of which can be integrated into existing case, document and practice management systems. To find out more contact us on 0333 335 5176.