VirtualSignature–ID Solves Large File Upload Headache for Law Firms

VirtualSignature–ID, the leading eSignature and digital onboarding specialist has introduced an enhanced feature to its software which will allow clients to upload and process up to 200MB documents per transaction when sending for eSignature, which far exceeds the typical limitation of 25MB (Docusign)* or 100MB (Adobe)*.

This new functionality will transform workflows, particularly for its commercial conveyancing law firms, who often have a need to send very large documents, architectural drawings and photographs during the sale or purchase process and who have experienced limitations of file size when using other providers. Complex transactions involving multiple signatories, witnesses and documents have been proving a real challenge when processed digitally. Although simply sending a large document in itself has not previously presented an issue, processing the document has. For example, when sending it to multiple recipients for review and eSignature or collating and processing data within the document.

David Kern, CEO at VirtualSignature-ID commented “We increasingly have a number of clients wanting to send very large documents and bundles of documents for eSignature including complex forms and drawings. Part of the process handled by our platform involves securing the PDF’s after signing, so that the information cannot be tampered with and to enable them to be future-proofed, in other words authenticated at a later date. Most providers have a limitation to the size of files uploaded and this was proving frustrating for some firms, so we set about developing the platform to facilitate their requirements and they are delighted with the fact that we have removed this hinderance and helped to streamline their workflows. One of our clients recently needed to process 18 large documents of over 470 pages exceeding 187MB in one transaction and were able to do this effortlessly using our platform.”

VirtualSignature–ID is a UK Government approved Identity Service Provider and offers a range of solutions for the legal and accountancy sectors amongst others, including identifiable eSignatures, ID verification, automated forms and workflows, all of which can be integrated into existing case, document and practice management systems. Use the link to Contact VirtualSignature–ID or call 0333 335 5176 to find out more.

*information obtained from Docusign and Adobe web sites at time of article release