Why VirtualSignature-ID is helping conveyancers upgrade to the new QES standards

Many conveyancers are already familiar with using standard electronic signatures (SES) as a way of capturing eSignatures digitally to make life easier for both clients and colleagues working remotely. However, with HMLR encouraging the use of digital technology to help reduce risk and speed up the conveyancing process, they are having to re-evaluate the providers and platforms they use. It is becoming evident that to comply with HMLR’s proposed Safe Harbour Standards, the level of security associated with either Standard or Advanced eSignatures will no longer be adequate for certain deeds and documents and Qualified eSignatures (QES) offer a much higher level of protection against identity fraud whilst eliminating the need for a physical witness to be present in many cases.

David Kern, CEO at VirtualSignature-ID commented “We have been working tirelessly alongside our legal sector clients for a number of years and recognised early on that there would be a need to not only validate a signature but identify with 100% accuracy the person behind it. Having developed a platform that provides all three levels of eSignature, including QES, virtual witnessing, ID verification using the most advanced technology available, deed sealing and our dynamic TR1 SmartForm, we are best placed to offer advice and share our knowhow.”

Here are some of the reasons to consider upgrading to QES:

  • Qualified eSignatures (QES) are HM Land Registry’s preferred option. View this video from HMLR: QES & witnessing of deeds.
  • QES requires the electronic signature to be uniquely linked to the signer and their ID verified thereby significantly reducing the risk of fraud.
  • They have the same legal effect as a handwritten signature.
  • QES require the use of the most advanced ID verification technology, need to meet a higher standard of security, meet stricter validation criteria, and be supported by a more detailed certificate from a trusted provider such as VirtualSignature-ID.
  • HM Land Registry offers ‘Safe Harbour’ to those firms who use QES and comply with the standard and would not seek recourse against conveyancers, in the event their client was not who they claimed to be.

VirtualSignature-ID is a trusted provider. Its SmartCheck ID Validate QES application is fully compliant with international and HM Land Registry Safe Harbour standards. Unlike other solutions, it not only uses the most sophisticated and secure method currently available on the market to verify identity, but it also uses the most intelligent AI powered 3D-Level Liveness Detection to eliminate deep fake ID, making it spoof-proof for even the most serious fraudsters. It can be further combined with automated AML screening and Source of Funds checks from the same platform giving law firms a complete solution.

In addition, the VirtualSignature–ID platform can be easily integrated into current document or case management systems, eg. Visualfiles, iManage, Proclaim, MS Dynamics and Tikit P4W, so upgrading has never been simpler.

VirtualSignature–ID offers a free consultation and evaluation service so firms can see the benefits for themselves. This helps them in their decision-making process when justifying the need to upgrade to a more advanced and compliant digital workflow.

To find out more about VirtualSignature-ID onboarding solutions call 0333 335 5176 or Click here to book a demo.