Choosing the right e-signature provider

Future planning is an integral part of any business strategy and many firms are reassessing how they can improve their processes, sparking a renewed interest in technology. Businesses are exploring solutions which will enable them to save costs, facilitate remote working and streamline their workflow while maintaining their service levels and engagement with their clients.

One of the key components of this overhaul is the ability to agree, approve and authorise projects, documents and workflows remotely. There has never been more focus on ‘unnecessary travel’ and so face to face meetings are becoming more and more infrequent.

So it’s time for change and choosing the best technology solutions can be time consuming, confusing and at best, a challenge. Making comparisons between platforms is extremely difficult and may take weeks of research and even then you might not be much closer to a decision.

Some buyers who may not have an in-depth understanding of technology products can understandably be apprehensive about the cost and reliability of purchasing software systems. These aspects are not always immediately clear from a website and people often run out of steam when searching for the right platform and simply go with the supplier who spends most on Google Adwords, rather than the most suitable one.

We’re going to guide you through some of the key points and answer the important questions you’ll be asking when searching for the best e-signature platform for your business.

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How do you know if a platform is secure and trustworthy & complies with GDPR?

There are a couple of compliance affiliations that a platform must have. Read their website carefully and check that they comply with Industry Standards such as ISO 27001, has a recognised Cyber Security certificate such as Cyber Essentials Plus, and a Privacy Policy confirming that sensitive data is not retained.

Are all e-signature providers the same?

e-signature providers are by no means created equal! While some platforms offer a basic document signing exchange tool, others can verify the true identity of signatories. Some providers only offer “off the shelf” products and are not able to discuss bespoke or additional requirements. They may not offer advanced solutions, such as VirtualWitnessing or deed sealing, which can be vital for some organisations.

Is a “white label” solution, such as an embedded e-signature block being offered?

This can be an attractive option for many businesses as it enables their end users to remain on their secure site for the signing process and reduces risk. offers a number of solutions from a single platform. The days of having to use multiple providers for different tools with compatibility issues and expensive add-ons are over.

What happens to sensitive data?

This is entirely dependent on your provider’s geographical jurisdiction. For example, US companies are bound by the Patriot Act, while in the EU GDPR regulations have been devised to give priority to protecting personal data. We highly recommend you read your provider’s Privacy Policy for more detailed information and reassure yourself that no sensitive client data is retained by them for any length of time.

Contracts and Support

Contracts come in a number of different shapes and sizes; make sure you research minimum terms and spends so you’re not caught out by any small print. Ask about any cancellation policies or penalties.

Make sure you know what will happen if you use more than your agreed allocation of ID checks or e-signatures. There may be an option to bolt on extra credits or an unlimited service option. In the same breath, make sure you know what happens to any unused credits each month; if they roll over or if you lose them.

New systems inevitably need support, make sure you have a full understanding of their support offering; whether there is an extra charge for this service and whether it’s available 24/7.

There are a number of platforms out there, not all are useful for businesses. Make sure that the provider can offer flexible solutions and provide testimonials; word of mouth is almost always the best way of judging a company’s customer service and quality of product.

So, here’s how we can help. We believe that we have the best, most complete package on the market. Our platform is completely customisable; we can tailor make solutions or tweak what we already have to suit clients’ specific needs.

With our advanced e-signature solution, SmartSign, you can securely send multiple documents for eSignature and get them witnessed with our Virtual-Witnessing AI technology, be in control of the sequencing of the signing process and link up with another firm working on the same transaction. is a one stop shop for all your ID verification, document authorisation and e-signature requirements. We can provide bespoke solutions for your business at a lower cost than you would find using multiple providers. Our responsive support team are available 24/7 should you need help with any of the components of the platform.

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