Accelerating client onboarding and closing business with automation

Finding the smartest, most efficient ways to meet client expectations and drive growth are constant challenges for law and accountancy firms. One key element of this challenge lies in automation and the adoption or integration of digital onboarding platforms.

These technologies can provide fast, efficient onboarding processes for their clients whilst keeping their engagement, boosting firm branding, and consolidating processes by using a single platform.

Using software to implement remote KYC checks and the exchange of signed documents can reduce the risk of human error and remove repetitive, time-consuming tasks such as data entry, document verification, and compliance checks.

Automated workflows used by onboarding software ensure that all necessary tasks are completed and followed in the right order, meaning no task is overlooked or skipped over. This automation will make the whole onboarding process faster and more efficient and provide a comprehensive audit trail.

Client engagement

An important part of the onboarding process is keeping clients engaged with your firm and its services. Poor engagement can lead to dissatisfaction and the potential loss of a client.

Onboarding software can enhance a client’s experience by offering an interactive and personalised experience. It can be tailored to each client’s preferences and needs, providing a unique experience, and ensuring that the client feels valued and understood.

Communication is also key to client engagement. Client onboarding software can provide instant notifications and reminders, keeping the communication channel open with clients throughout the process and making sure that they always feel listened to.

Firm branding

If used correctly, digital onboarding software, such as VirtualSignature-ID’s, can become a powerful branding tool. Each application will feature designs and a style that is bespoke to your brand, including the brand logo.

This will create a familiarity with your brand for the client, encouraging a stronger relationship with them. It will also give your firm a professional image, showcasing your commitment to leveraging technology for a better client service.

Benefits of a single-platform process

For accountancy and law firms, consolidating all client onboarding processes onto a single platform provides numerous benefits.

Firstly, with all processes and data in one place, it becomes so much easier for both firms and clients to navigate through the onboarding tasks.

One platform means less time spent switching back and forth between different systems. This also reduces the chances of error.

With security in onboarding paramount, keeping data in one location instead of several minimises the risk of discrepancies and security breaches. It also ensures both the firm and the client are working with the most up-to-date information.

Embracing a user-friendly application

User-friendly software will improve the client’s onboarding experience, leading to higher satisfaction and client retention rates. They are intuitive and easy to navigate, allowing clients to complete their onboarding with the minimum of fuss.

All-in-one digital onboarding platforms such as VirtualSignature-ID’s are transforming how solicitors and accountants do business.

Not only do they speed up client onboarding and closing, but they also enhance client engagement, boost firm branding, and streamline processes.

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