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SiNERIX and the Recruitment Sector

The outbreak of Coronavirus COVID-19 and subsequent lockdown has hit our society hard; we are kept apart from our loved ones and social media gives us a constant reminder of the severity of the situation. Those in employment have been affected with a shuddering change in the way they work, with many in the UK furloughed until the lockdown is lifted.

This international issue is likely to change the future of working and a major shift to remote and mobile working playing the lead role.

For businesses without a contingency/disaster plan, this lockdown could prove terminal. Those businesses with efficient remote working infrastructures are still operating albeit it at differing levels of capacity.

The recruitment industry and HR departments have also been affected heavily in a number of different ways, but help is at hand with our Digital Engagement Cloud which enables them to keep the workforce ticking over and direct resources to where they are needed most.

Recruitment Challenges

Like any industry, recruitment has been faced with a number of challenges off the back of the pandemic. As supermarkets and warehouses are put under strain and delivery drivers are stretched to capacity there has been an increase in recruitment activity to bring on board new employees to help take the strain.

It stands to reason that there has been a huge increase in demand for healthcare and key workers with some people coming out of retirement to join the fight. Along with this, the high percentage of existing staff having to take sick leave due to the virus or other health issues has meant that businesses have needed to employ cover staff.

With all of this movement of people and signing of contracts, there are plenty of compliance checks to be carried out. Under normal operating circumstances, getting all of the paperwork completed in the necessarily short time frames would be near impossible using traditional methods – let alone during the pandemic where the difficulties are exacerbated with social distancing measures.

Using our suite of Smart applications, recruiters can perform all their ID verification and right to work checks in real time. The process is fast and easy to manage and is supported by the latest anti-spoofing technology, giving employers peace of mind. Application forms can be transformed from Word or PDF documents into interactive, fillable HTML forms and contracts can be issued and signed online within minutes.

As the need for physical files becomes obsolete, sensitive personal information such as an employee's bank details or NI Number is no longer at risk as it can be obtained securely, ensuring GDPR rules are fully adhered to. When the initial recruitment process is over, the SiNERIX platform can also be used to sign off training records or the issuing of PPE and uniform.

Post-Pandemic Challenges

The thing to remember is that this lockdown is temporary and eventually we will all return to 'business as usual' although it might be a little different.

When the lockdown is lifted and people return to work there is likely to be a huge surge in recruitment as those who were let go by their employers return to the market. Recruitment companies will be inundated with clients looking to get new staff onboarded quickly and efficiently.

As the rest of the world begins to adapt to a more remote working model, so too will recruiting. A firm's ability to work remotely will vastly increase the size of the talent pool available; and with on-site headcount and premises costs being major financial commitments, we think that remote working could help businesses survive the inevitable financial downturn.

So how can SiNERIX help?

Digital verification and remote working is what we do best. Our Digital Engagement Cloud is made up of four applications which streamline our clients' onboarding processes. It seamlessly integrates into a business' existing systems and website so end users can get everything done in one place.

We've seen platforms where the user is redirected two or three times before completing the required task. Not only is this confusing to the user but also keeping information in different portals is difficult to track and manage.

With SiNERIX, clients can digitally sign, complete and exchange sensitive and time critical documents online and verify identities in real time. Simply put, the system is the perfect, legally compliant way to speed up the document management process and employee onboarding journey.

If you would like to find out how our system could help your business, see the contact information below and get in touch for a no commitment free trial.

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