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Digital Transformations during the Pandemic

They say necessity is the mother of invention; and never have we seen this better demonstrated than at this time of pandemic, self-quarantine and lockdown. The outbreak of Coronavirus COVID-19 and subsequent bans on travel, school closures and social distancing has forced the majority of the global population to rethink how they live their daily lives.

With educational and childcare institutions closing, working parents and their employers have been forced into remote working from home in order to juggle parenting and their work responsibilities.

Enforced Digital Transformation

For most of the working world this sudden change to remote working has played havoc with productivity levels and will also, unfortunately end up being terminal for a number of unprepared businesses.

Those companies who had invested in remote working business capabilities are in a better state than those who didn't, and while they may be finding some teething problems in the set up, they will live to fight another day.

The pandemic has enforced some wholesale changes in the way businesses operate and reinforced the importance of adopting innovative digital tools in order to maintain some semblance of normality in times of crisis. A prime example of this is in the legal sector, where the signing of wills by two independent witnesses has presented a number of difficulties due to social distancing measures, just when speed has been of the essence. SiNERIX is monitoring discussions with the law society around how the solutions we offer could help solve this problem.

Working from home

A distributed workforce can be difficult to manage and maintain. However, when equipped with the right tools a business can thrive and actually keep staff happy in their roles, promoting loyalty and work ethic.

The pandemic has forced even the most resistant employers to adopt a working from home policy. Offices are shut and the only way to survive for the most part is to have teams working from home.

There is no reason why firms can't continue to recruit if they have need, by using SiNERIX digital onboarding, where Right to Work documentation can be securely verified, identities checked and contracts electronically signed and exchanged all using a single platform.

Remote working and digital technology will be hailed as the heroes of the working world when this pandemic is over and people return to their normal lives. The ability to hold meetings via video conferencing and close deals and agreements with e-signature applications has meant that the economy has continued to tick along and people will have jobs to which to return.

Largest Software Growth during Pandemic

Before the outbreak of Coronavirus COVID-19 we were starting to see more and more activity around the Telemedicine sector, as the NHS strained under the pressure of every day operations. This sector was available to the general public and sought to help people gain triage over the phone or via video call and ideally reduce the need for using up precious resources in hospitals and GP clinics.

With the pandemic in full flow, this area of software development and usage has exploded and according to TrustRadius is the largest growing sector during this period.

When it comes to professional software solutions the highest demands have been in the electronic signature and web conferencing arenas.

It stands to reason, as teams work remotely they look for robust web conferencing facilities in order to meet and make decisions.

Digital onboarding will always be imperative when working remotely, no need for physical sign off on projects, documents, legal issues or contracts. With our Digital Engagement Cloud any ID verification and authorisation takes minutes, helping your business operate in a much more efficient and secure manner than traditional methods.

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