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Beating COVID-19 with SiNERIX

In the wake of our attendance at the British Legal Technology Forum 2020 on 10th March we have been inundated with requests from legal firms handling insurance claims and even some local authorities who are looking to implement an electronic signature and ID verification solution in order to work remotely and avoid face to face contact in light of the current Coronavirus pandemic.

While it is unfortunate to have to minimise our physical contact, steer clear of each other and cancel all social or business gatherings, we are living in a time when technology can allow us to keep working and hopefully keep the economy ticking along while we deal with the peak of the outbreak.

How SiNERIX can beat COVID-19

Teams Working Remotely – this is becoming more and more a staple of the modern workforce, but never has it been more important than right now. With the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19 businesses are looking to keep their team members apart to try and minimise the impact of the outbreak. Employees are able to work remotely but they still need their documents signed, authorised and verified. This is where our Digital Engagement Cloud comes into its own.

The e-signature platform enables your clients and colleagues to authorise documents and projects without the need for face to face meetings.

No face to face meetings, no virus spread – SiNERIX – 1 vs COVID19 – 0.

HR Departments and Recruitment – our Digital Engagement Cloud enables HR departments to recruit emergency staff during times of crisis. For example, a well-known supermarket chain could recruit 3,500 new delivery drivers quickly in order to cope with the increased demand on their online shopping services; this includes delivery from supplier to warehouse and on to local branches. Such time sensitive recruitment of this scale could not be undertaken without a robust e-signature and verification platform, it would allow the client to undertake the task without needing face to face meetings in order to authorise contracts and other documents.

The SiNERIX platform could provide the ID/Live facial recognition check, Right to Work checks and digital signature tools SiNERIX – 2 vs COVID19 – 0.

Speeding up of legalities – this benefit is relevant whether the country is in crisis or not. However, at this moment there is a huge increase in legal and insurance claims for businesses and loss of earnings due to isolation policies. Isolation policies shouldn't affect businesses which are prepared with a 'work from home' strategy but when it comes to loss of earnings and contingency plans, speed is of the essence.

Legal firms can speed up their processes for clients making claims. With our automation with SmartForms to interact & make intelligent decisions, legal firms can minimise delays. This is especially helpful for those legal case handlers/underwriters who can work remotely.

Speeding up of process = best possible service in times of need – SiNERIX – 3 vs COVID19 – 0.

Implementation in minutes – this is where we get to show off. Our Digital Engagement Cloud basic Systems can be implemented within minutes of licence purchase. Your business can be ready to collect e-signatures and perform ID verifications within the same day of purchase; our market-leading platform is your one-stop-shop for ID verification. Upon purchasing your licence you will have access to every application you need in order to digitally verify your signees' identity and receive authorisation within minutes of sending, streamlining your processes and saving on man hours.

With access to four apps under one 'roof' we make that SiNERIX – 7 vs COVID19 – 0.

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